Is this an icemaker?

Here’s a mystery device I’ve been trying to identify. Sense says there’s a 94% chance that this is a coffeemaker but I know that it’s not. It’s definitely a heating element of some kind. It peaks at about 750w and usually cycles on and off approximately 4 or 5 times within about a 10- to 15-minute period. It usually comes on in the middle of the night but not always. I’ve got gas heat so it’s not a baseboard heater or something like that. It doesn’t come on often enough to be the HVAC blower fan (and it doesn’t look like a motor anyway). I dont’ have any space heaters. It’s definitely not a coffeemaker unless a ghost is making coffee in the middle of the night.

My best guess is that this is the icemaker in my fridge, but I’m not sure what those look like.

Looks like my dishwasher heating element.

Hah! That’s exactly what it is! I didn’t realize the correlation with the dishwater motor that’s already been recognized but they sync up. Thanks!

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Nice! It’s a pretty unique heating element, different than any others I have.

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