January 2023 - Win a smart plug or flex sensors!

Hey everyone!

We’re looking for new, unique stories on how you have saved with Sense. Starting today through Feb 1, we will be selecting 10 stories to be featured on our main Sense Saves site. If chosen, you will have the option to choose from a free smart plug or free flex sensors. Leave your submissions below this thread!

If you have already left a story under our “Share your Sense stories” category in the past 6 months, there’s no need to repost here. I will be taking a look at them.

My house has a pump as part of the septic system, which runs a few times a day. I set an alert for Sense to let me know if the pump is off for two days. One time it let me know the pump hadn’t run, and I went to check - one of the pump’s circuit breakers had tripped! That also prevented the tank full alarm from sounding, so Sense saved me from a messy and expensive sewage backup!

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Was able to identify a HVAC problem with the flame detector on Christmas Day. Being able to see the wattage signature, allowed ability to see multiple restarts by the system over a couple of weeks that was getting progressively worse. After a quick and simple fix, we had heat on Christmas and saved an expensive service call.

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