Kasa HS300 reporting wrong watt usage

I just installed my first hs300 power strip and sense had no problem finding it. However, the kasa app is reporting a higher watt usage than what is actual. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do to fix it?

What does the Kasa app say for Plug 4 ? And what do you have plugged into Plug 4 ? Could it really be using 1600W ?

My experience with TP-Link smart plugs is that they occasionally can give spurious readings, but the reading are so far out of range (1MW) that it is obvious there’s an issue. A reboot usually fixes, but your number looks high for an HS300, but not completely unreasonable.

If you continue to see the high reading after a reboot, and the Kasa app reports the same, then I would question whether your Sense setup is looking at the whole house (missed parallel panel ?)

The Kasa app shows the same high usage. As for plug 4, it is empty for testing.

Looks like an HS300 issue to me.
Try a power cycle. Check to see if HS300 firmware is up-to-date. Try flicking the the HS300 switch for plug 4 on an off. If it continues to show 1,600W without anything plugged in, you probably have a defective HS300.

Update: After power cycling the HS300 it looks like Kasa is reporting the correct watt usage. Thanks!


I will power cycle the whole plug. I have turned the individual plug off and on a few times with the same results. I also checked the firware and it is up to date.