Not seeing energy usage with Kasas power strip

I just installed a Kasa power strip (HS-300) behind my TV equipment rack. I set it up in the Kasa app, labeling each outlet as I plugged devices in. Then I told the Sense app to add it and all of the outlets show up in the device list properly labeled, however beside each it says “NA” where the wattage draw would be. It also shows no energy consumption.

I was surprised it showed each outlet labeled. I thought it would just show the device as one device with total draw of all outlets on the strip.

I figured I would just wipe it out and start over when I get home but thought perhaps someone could tell me where I went wrong. Thanks in advance.


My wifi controller blocks some of the traffic. I haven’t had time to work out exactly which traffic(I suspect in it multicast).

I had to move sense and the kasa switch(3) and power strips(2) to an old WAP that didn’t block the traffic.

Are you seeing the usage displayed in the Kasa app?

I am not. I think I just need to start over. Is there a step by step setup guide?


If you’re not seeing the usage in Kasa, the problem wouldn’t be on Sense’s end so I’m not really sure how to help you there. I would follow @jonhawkes lead and see if some of your network traffic is being blocked.

After that is fixed, you can disconnect the integration from Sense in Settings and then just re-connect.