Hs300 showing false readings

Love the support for hs300!! Thanks sense! This is a big deal for me.

Sometimes, though, I get erroneous reads from the hs300. I fear that this is an api issue reading the device itself, as this sometimes shows up in the “native” kasa app.

Any thoughts? Plug 4 is a turned off device depicted here.
Happens with almost any device, on or off.

I’ve had similar naming issues between Kasa and Sense apps. I change the plug name as I move it from load to load but it reverts to the first name I used… I’m hoping it will be fixed in an update

When moving you need to reset the plug and turn off integration in sense until you set the plug up as new in Kasa. When asked about keeping settings in Kasa, answer no. It has to be totally reset or there will be remnants

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Hm, the naming of the device ( depicted as plug 4 ) was not really the issue. Have been easily able to change the name of the device and have it reported correctly in both Sense and the native Kasa app. The issue is the wattage reported. 120W is spot on correct for my house, you can see this sum total in the top left. Plug 4, at this time, should be 0 or close to it. Instead the graphic for plug 4 keeps disappearing then reappearing. Also you can see that the sum of the devices (the bubbles) does not match the sum total in the top left.

I have seen weird (possibly related) wattage reported by the native kasa app.

I think you may be confusing wattage and voltage. Residential panels are 240 volts and 120 volts. Could whatever is plugged into it be cycling off and on?

no no, no confusion on my end. Yes I am well aware that most US electricity is at 120 V or 240 V.

But my energy consumption just so happens to be 120 W. Please see picture earlier in this thread.

As for the cycling on and off, yes, this device is doing that. Typically between 0 watts and 2 watts.

From the sense interface, the meter view ( bar graph ) happens to be very stable and consistent. The meter view does not seem to be misreporting wattage.

Why then on the devices view ( ball view ) do the individual devices get misreported wattage use?

Is this because the device itself is misreporting?

I’ve misunderstood, sorry about that.
Not sure why I would be misreading the draw and I personally don’t use the bubble view

There are a few documented reports on this forum, of HS110s and possibly HS300s, giving bad readings that are seen in both the Kasa app and Sense. No idea why…

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Yup. That looks like same or similar issue but with different plug. Thanks Kevin!

I’ll try and contact TP link and see what they have to say. Interestingly (or not) I have two other HS300 that are not behaving this way, seem to work with sense just fine too.

Good news, it seems my issue went away after an hs300 firmware update.

Sorry for posting here, but I didn’t know.


Glad to hear the fix was so simple!