Kasa switches

Good afternoon!

Does the Network Device Identification feature help Sense detect lights in the home when kasa smart switches are installed. Utilizing the Mac addresses and Senses relationship with kasa. Thus knowing when they turn on and off.

Sense already integrates with the kasa power strips. Granted these have energy monitoring built in.

So I could control my most of the lights in my home via Google assistant I replaced all but a few of them with wifi switches.

More on NDI here:

Plenty to read but the important sentence is:
Sense is not able to inspect any content since it only listens for broadcast messages (sent via SSDP/UPnP, Zeroconf, and ARP). No other traffic on your network is captured or inspected.
I’m pretty sure all Kasa, Insteon, Lutron/Caseta, Smartthings, Leviton, etc on / off commands over WiFi are sent within packet content, hence not visible to Sense.

Yes, NDI can figure out when some smart TVs turn on and off. But it doesn’t seem like many models are supported.