[Known Bug] [Android] Connect to Sense Monitor after Factory Reset



Short answer:

  • To connect again you will need to use the IOS Sense App, so you will need an iphone or ipad.
  • after setting up the sense with the IOS App Version, you then can log with your android app using the login info

Long answer with backstory:

  • Hello guys, this is my story and how i fixed it,
    i wanted to change the timezone of my sense, being a software developer myself i thought that this would be easy peasy, just a setting i need to change, well it wasnt, so in my attempt to reset the time zone i did a Factory Reset, this did reset the sense but afterwards i had no way to set it up again since my ANDROID Sense App wouldn’t detect the monitor, tried a different android phone and nothing also tried the suggested method of power cycling, that did nothing, contacted support and all they did was to take me through the power cycling process ( which i had already done following the instructions on the website ) and then afterwards told me that there was a problem with the Android version of the App that under specific conditions triggers this problem, their fix? wait until they rollout an update for the Android app… so their solution was to basically have this very expensive plastic brick connected to my house doing nothing until they fix the android app, so … to save you guys a lot of hassle and fustration here i tell you how to fix this, very simple, grab a friend/family member who has an iphone and just setup the sense with that and then login with your android app.

take care guys!


Thanks for posting this temporary solution.

For some clarity on what @vipersnake is referring to:

A small subset of Android users are experiencing issues re-configuring setup settings multiple times in v22 (changing Wi-Fi settings, Factory Reset). This is not preventing new Android users from getting connected. We’re working on it and are hoping to have a fix out very soon.