App can't find sense

As of Dec 14 my app cannot seem to find the monitor. I have tried to shut the phone down, turned off the blue tooth, wi fi and restarted it , I tried to remove the app this morning so I could reinstall it and start fresh but I can’t seem to remove it. Now, somehow the screen is at the get started login point and it will scan but not find the monitor. So, at this point I just want this thing off of my phone and can’t. Any suggestions on doing that ?

What make/model phone? Have you talked with support? Are you doing a fresh setup/install of sense? Or just trying to install the app?

It’s an iPhone 8+ I figured out how to remove the app. I have worked with tech support and and nothing has worked so far. They want me to try and get someone else to try and put it on their phone to see if it would work on their’s. But, I thought I would try to delete and reinstall the app and go from there instead.
Update- I reinstalled the app and tried setup the install. The app can’t find the monitor… I don’t get it; it worked for months and now nothing ???

Can you see your Sense monitor via the web app, still ?

ps: just noticed I received an email this AM that versions of the Sense App earlier than 24.1 have stopped connecting due to a certificate timeout on Jan 12. Fix is to update.

After reinstalled the app I logged back in and got the same screen that the monitor is offline.

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Can you see your monitor via the Sense web app ?

When my app states the monitor is offline, I reboot my WiFi.
After several minutes if that doesn’t work I turn off the breaker to the sense monitor and wait several more minutes.
I rarely have this problem… maybe once every few months at the very most.
The last thing I can foresee is think about if your WiFi had been slightly moved or relocated while you prepared for Christmas… perhaps the monitor barely had WiFi signal earlier and any changes you’ve made, like seeing up a Christmas tree, could have interfered.

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