KP115 worked 2 days now missing from Sense

How do you tell when your KP115’s disconnect? I’ve had mine (7×) for 4+ weeks and never had an issue. Is there a trigger one can set up for when the plugs disconnect or you go back to your data and examine all of it ‘manually’ ?

If you explain how you get notified when yours disconnect, maybe we can all monitor ours the same way and assess how wide-spread the issue is.


Probably worth reading through this thread. Gives a lot of info on how the Sense monitor communicates with the smart plugs, including some information from Jonah, the Sense Monitor firmware guy.

More on Jonah, plus some insights on what happens within the monitor here.

I set a custom alert to notify me when the refrigerator is off for 45 minutes. It always cycles on and off all day, but I normally don’t see it off for that length of time. When Sense loses sight of it the alert will trigger. When I get the refrigerator alert 1) I confirm it is running, 2) I look in Sense and can see that all my KP115’s are “not available”.

If you have any device plugged into a KP115 with a reliable standby power draw, you could set an alert for that device.


If you haven’t already, it is definitely worth writing to Support ( to alert them of the issue you’re having. I haven’t seen more than one or two reports of this as of yet, but I’ll be keeping an eye on if this starts impacting more users.

In the meantime, it would be helpful to share this bug/issue with the Support team so they can track how widespread the impact is or see if they are able to isolate a cause of the issue.

I reported it to them Saturday when it happened for the first time. Today I replied to their response to add the latest events and what I’ve done (cycling Sense power, cycling one KP115 but not the others).

Thank you @demiller9 , I’ll look into the Support ticket.

@demiller9 Could you kindly give more info on how you setup the notifications? I looked in both the Kasa and Sense App and could not find how.

Thank You

@ drjb, this is my setup for a freezer


Thank you very much @andrei.loban

I juts realized there are ‘deeper’ layers in the App … that I was not aware of :slight_smile: