Labs no longer logging/accessible after reset

Since my reset at the last day of the month, the “lab” function doesn’t seem to work for me any more.
The graph(/data?) seems to be stuck

When I click on it it shows this graph

Screenshot from 2021-08-02 19-40-46

Anyone any ideas apart from contacting support@ ?

What day did you reset? If you click on previous do the previous days (since the reset) show the same 4:30am drop off?

I got this message from Sense per email:

Sense has detected an installation issue
One (or both) of the sensors may not be fully closed or may have partially opened when the panel cover was replaced.
To fix this [snip]
After this issue is resolved, you should conduct a full data reset via Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor > Reset Data. This will clear all historical data and learned devices from your account. However, this will allow device detection to begin with a clean slate and will allow a more accurate detection process moving forward.

I waited till end of the month to reset.
No devices have been detected since my reset apart from my smart plugs.