Leviton DH15S-1BZ Detection



Hi, I recently built a new home and most of my light switches are Leviton DH15S-1BZ (HomeKit compatible). All the lights attached to them are LED. I have seen several posts that LED lights are hard to identify but if you integrated with Leviton that would be a good way of identifying my lights.


I have 15 Leviton HomeKit devices - Dimmer and Switch models. Some control LED light sources. Some are Ceiling fans. None of the lights/fans/switches have been detected by Sense since August 2018.

I turned on “Network Detection” in the Sense app to help provide the Sense team with additional data. My network scanning tool shows Apple BONJOUR responses from all HomeKit Devices. Maybe this will help with future identification of energy users?

Some HomeKit devices record power consumption, such as Koogeek and iHome. However each manufacturer wants to collect personal data from purchasers before revealing device-stored energy consumption data. So maybe not all HomeKit devices APIs not avail?


Devices like this will likely require custom integration development from the Sense team. NDI not much use here. I would suggest starting a new feature request thread for the individual device, or voting for an existing feature request thread if there’s one already.