Integration with Leviton

Can you please add Integration with Leviton devices? I have several DH15S-1BZ (HomeKit compatible) switches throughout the house. Thank you.


Second that! Would love integration with Leviton (as well as Nest and LIFX…)… fantastic product so far!

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Do the Leviton devices provide energy monitoring?

No, not that I am aware of.

That’s a complicated question since Leviton has so many product lines. If you want to drop 10K (in my case) you can install a set of Leviton smart load centers with smart circuit breakers that report power on each breaker, then yes. But if you are talking about smart switches, I think the answer is no.

As a starting point this request is for the DH15S-1BZ switches.

Thanks, Looking at the specs. As you suggested, that model doesn’t appear to monitor power usage and can operate hubless. Makes it a less likely integration target.