Low/High Voltage Alerts


I live in the caribbean and our electrical system is not doing very well after last year’s hurricanes. Any chance Sense could enable low/high voltage alerts?

Sense already measures voltage, so enabling low/high voltage alerts does not sound too difficult. Thoughts?

Voltage Issue Alerts

with the sense data that im pushing to pvoutput it monitors the voltage… i think you can set a custom alert for things on pvoutput.



Until Sense can respond and possibly provide an alert, perhaps you could work around it? Like if low voltage makes a device flake-out and power-down (or high voltage), or if the voltage irregularities make some of your discovered devices appear as ‘Other’, you can have an IFTTT alert that notices a named device hasn’t turned-on in a determined amount of time.

For example, I have alerts for my fridge. If the door is left open and that person leaves the house, sense will send an alert the the fridge had been running 20min (it normally runs for 10min). I also have an alert for when it’s off, normally 16min, but I’m alerted if it’s off for more than 20min.

My idea may do you no good.

I’ve replace that fridge 23 days ago, so I look forward to doing this again. My new fridge hasn’t been discovered, yet, but imma cool cat like that… No stress over undiscovered devices. But I’ll be putting alerts on it :wink:


I’m going to move this over to Product Wishlist. It sounds like a reasonable request, so I’ll pass it along to the Product team.


My electric utility’s conditions of service states that they aim to keep our service voltages within a specific range. For our 120V service, they aim to keep that voltage between 110V and 125V under Normal conditions.

It would be nice to set up an alert from Sense if the voltage deviates from that range.

Does this exist? If not…wishlist.


I’ll pass this along to the product team, perhaps as an addition to our Goals feature. You can check your voltage at any given time in Settings > My Home > Sense Monitor