Voltage Notification

It would be nice if sense sent you notification if voltage was high or low on mains.


I know that it doesn’t produce an alert, but have you looked at the Power Quality monitor in Sense Labs ? That does over voltage and under voltage monitoring of both your mains.

Yes, I looked at the power quality monitor after we noticed an issue with high voltage. Just would like to know when it started. How many days?

Hi @dlangreck - the “Voltage Events” section lists dips and spikes going back 30 days. You can learn more about the project here: [Project] Fault Detection: Power Quality

@JustinAtSense can you provide an update as to whether notifications (push/email) are on the roadmap for the Sense Labs features such as motor stalls, open neutral detection, and PQ monitoring? It would be very helpful if users could be proactively notified if they should be opening up one of these sections to take a look. Perhaps a setting that could enable notifications when a category change occurs, such as moving out of the “less than most sense users” for voltage dips and spikes, would be a good way to implement this.

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Hi @pswired - I spoke to @EmoryAtSense about this and it’s definitely on our radar as something we’d like to accomplish, hopefully sooner than later, as part of a larger initiative from Sense.


I second this. a push notification for dips/spike or anything which affects power quality. Where I live, we can have severe issues during bad weather and if they are more frequent, I take sensitive devices off line or even kick on my standby genny. It has very stabile and clean output. I can do that remotely if the quality is really bad.

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