Sense Labs Power quality notifications

I know this has been previously suggested., Here are my 2cents worth of suggestions. I live in the country and we have had a history of weather related voltage dips and spikes. While it is great to see it on Sense Labs. You have to check on a regular basis and it is very after the fact. If a notification can be sent when the voltage dips or spikes above a set amount, would allow be to assess what could be causing it and more importantly what I can do to protect equipment. I could change to standby generator, throw the breaker on sensitive or high value circuits etc. It is could show on my mobile device in real time, I could act. Not as critical on the web platform. That could be used to do more detailed viewing of the issues and the history. THX


+1, especially on the history… the previous 24hr history of the mains voltages is a nice touch, but I find myself wishing to see this for the time period of when any dips occurred. Would great if even more insight on what devices (if any… could be external) may be causing dips or spikes could be provided, such as an overlay with the timeline of device on/off events. Would imagine it wouldn’t be too challenging to program this analysis to happen autonomously and report back device(s) of interest (ex. “A/C Compressor ON events appear to be one of the main contributors to Voltage Dips recorded over the past 30 days”). I understand the relevance of such an alert would vary depending on the contributing device and what types of corrective actions could be taken. But my example below regarding voluntary intermittent HVAC fan usage may be one case.

As an FYI and to illustrate the benefit of more insight on the cause of dips/spikes… I get the occasional dip and never any spikes (although there may have been times I’ve went 30+ days without checking the Power Quality lab screen, so to the OPs point I may have missed some spike events). Usually <5 dips in the past 30 days as of late, but was much worse this past summer where I once saw as many as 360 dips. Dips from the summer seem to align most with the turning on of my A/C compressor, HVAC fan, and fridge. The dips occur mostly between 9am and 10pm (warmest part of the day), so I assume my neighbor and I’s A/C and HVAC fans are the biggest contributors (duplex w/ shared mains from the street). But at the time I also had my Ecobee set to run the HVAC fan for at least 10 minutes an hour in an effort to balance the temps between rooms/floors, which resulted in two 5min fan only run periods in the early morning hours when the A/C wasn’t required. I’ve since turned this feature off so that the HVAC fan only runs as required during a heat or cool call. In the fall I started connecting my fridge through an HS110 smart plug, which may have helped to soften the size of dips seen back at the panel. Overall point is that it would be cool to have more insight into what may be causing my dips and why they’re better now than they were in the past.

Examples I recorded from August 18th 2020