Low upload speed


I am having an issue with low upload/link rate sense is saying that I am getting 55kb/s. Sense recommends 150 Kb/s or better. The router that I have is the netgear nighthawk X6 model R8000. I have moved the router within 2 or 3 feet, I have turned everything else connected to router off and I have added an antenna to increase signal strength. Nothing else on my network is having an issue. I have near perfect signal strength even outside my house. Sense has not given me much help on how to fix this. Case 31927. I think that it is something that is messes up inside the sense module. It is very hard to test since sense does not show the link speed in the app. Anyone else have an idea of what could be going wrong or something that might help solve the problem.


You might actually be overloading it with it that close :slight_smile: When you say you added an antenna what do you mean? To the router or to Sense? Have you tried a program to check what the signal level actually is by Sense? There is a good free Android one, not sure about IOS. What channel is your 2.4Ghz on and is there anything else perhaps for the house next door that is competing on it? Any other electronics near by? Can you run a speed test say on your phone when it is hooked up to the 2.4Ghz band and if so what does it show for upload and download speed? Have you checked the router logs? Have you tried rebooting the router?


I don’t think that it is being overwhelmed, it is not that close. I moved the router back away since it didn’t make a difference anyway. The signal level is very good testing it with an app. I tried a different screw on antenna on the sense module (TP-Link) that did not make a difference either. I tried changing the channels in the router that had less people attached to it, and that did not change anything. I power cycled the sense module and my router but there still was no change. In the router settings I put the sense module to highest priority as well. My internet speed is testing right where it should be from my provider. There are no electronics nearby either.


Sounds like an issue in the Sense unit then, sorry :frowning:


Hi David,

Sorry to hear that you’re having wifi issues! I saw you have been corresponding with Eduardo about your problem. He’ll be back in touch soon to try to get to the bottom of this!

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