MAJOR updates coming soon?

It appears Labs will soon be a full fledged (opt-in) feature of Sense.
The newly redesigned website advertises, promotes and pushes labs features hard and removes all mention of it being a preview, concept or experimental feature.
The newly designed website link also states “Sense Labs is an opt-in feature, which you can turn on by navigating to Settings > General > Sense Labs.” . This menu option does not exist so it appears the Web and mobile app will be getting a major overall extremely soon.

@JuliaAtSense can you speak on this or any additional changes we can look forward to in this foreseeable update?

I also noticed Sense has developed a new breaker panel type product for utilities, this appears to be quite different than the Sense integrated panel by Schneider electric. Can you provide any information on this device?
Appears this may provide circuit level monitoring and possibly provide the utility a means to bill by device level usage or remotely turn circuits off in times of peak use?

Does this mean Sense is finally about to roll out Progressive device detection as well?

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Hopefully some 240V integration will be coming… I have a humidifier, a CNC machine, and a snow-melt system that all hog power but go unrecognized. Can’t put them on a Kasa due to being high current 240 V devices.

Interesting observations. I just noticed this bit of February Sense news as well.

Sense real-time home intelligence will be available as an application for Itron’s next generation smart meters
Collaboration will expand real-time insights through the Sense app to millions of consumers across the country

The Sense application runs on Itron’s DI-enabled smart meters and takes advantage of Itron’s DataHub, a secure, scalable, cloud-based platform that will allow consumers to seamlessly utilize the Sense mobile app without purchasing additional hardware.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Itron and leverage their innovative DI-enabled smart meters to empower consumers with real-time data and the engaging consumer applications they need to manage household energy, lower their energy bills and accelerate greater efficiencies and electrification of their homes," said Mike Phillips, Sense CEO. “With over 65 million-meter upgrades expected by 2027, Sense is poised to grow to more than a quarter of the residential homes across the US.”

That means that the Sense app and underlying technology will be used by the two biggest publicly traded smart metering and grid networking providers in the world.

What’s not clear from the Itron and Landis & Gyr meter and other joint announcements is whether the integrated product will have the full suite of hardware features found in the Sense orange box. I envision that Sense-enabled meter users will need to migrate up to the orange box Sense monitor should they want the real-time total usage / solar capabilities or DCM. But who knows ?


Through the collaboration, the Sense Home Analytics application will leverage Itron’s proven, scalable DI platform to enable a new and innovative approach to improving grid resiliency and transforming the relationship between utilities and consumers .

Sounds like the existing Riva DI-enabled meters and Data-Hub might already do the work, with Sense Analytics added on top.