Make and Models have disappeared from all my devices

I swear about a year ago I had added all my Make and Model information for my devices. Today I went in and they were all gone. The device names are still there. Before I go back and add them all in again, has this happened to others and does it keep happening?

Currently, there are still two places in Sense where users enter Make and Model. They need to be entered twice today - which one is missing ?

  1. In the “Device Settings” for each Device:

  1. In the Home Details:

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That is the issue. Over a year ago I had entered everything under Settings->My Home->House Details. Today I went in thru Devices->pick the device->Device Settings.
Thank you for clarifying this for me. I will now make sure both places agree with each other.

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Glad that this wasn’t a bug. I think there are some long term intentions at Sense to integrate the two lists, but they evolved for different purposes and are really only loosely connected from a functionality perspective. Home Details helps Sense know the totality and statistics of devices they should try to detect. The Device Settings is for labeling detected devices.