Make "Sense found a new device!" subject line unique

Gmail (and likely other mail readers) will consider the same subject line from the same sender as a continuation of the first conversation…

This request is to change the subject line from:

“Sense found a new device!”


“Sense found a new device: {DEVICE} at MM/DD/YY”

This way it’ll be treated as a fully standalone conversation in gmail and won’t get “lost” in the previous conversation.

Example of the detection of Fridge, Fridge 2, AC all being together is attached.


Welcome @ronnie!

Maybe check GMail settings? Mine don’t group together in conversations like yours.

EDIT: Disregard that. Mine seems to have done it once when 2 devices were found and reported on the same day at the same time.

Thanks @KingAZ! I appreciate your reply and confirming that its when they fall on the same day, same sender, and same subject line.

I submitted issue to their support team as well and was told they liked the idea and would send it over to product management for consideration.

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