Returned Sense... Now getting "New Device" notifications?

I finally removed & returned my Sense on 11/4/2020 (don’t need a second-job babysitting what I assumed was a mature product).

I posthumously received a “New Device Found” notification for “Fridge 2” last night (11/8/2020). The last time this “new device” showed any activity was on Oct 31, 2020. It doesn’t affect me any more BUT that’s some delay :wink:

@adolfo just to confirm, you received a push notification and not an email?

That kind of makes sense to me… I never received a new device notification right when I turned it on… Usually I’ll get a new device notification hours (or maybe a day or so) after the last time I turned it on… Probably the machine learning algorithm churning away and discovering it through the data, as opposed to through the realtime monitoring…

This is correct, @MikeekiM. Devices models are applied in the backend.

Both. An e-mail & notification from the app