7 new devices in 15hrs.!?!?


I’ve had my Sense monitor for about 2 1/2 months now, and until yesterday it had picked up 13 devices. In the past 15 hours, it has detected 7 new devices. Is anyone else seeing a sudden increase in detection?
Also for the first time, I’m seeing “Currently Learning” under the settings of the Sense Monitor, which I did not have before, but some people did. This all started after I rebooted our Comcast modem/wifi router because the 2.4ghz had dropped out, but the 5ghz was still fine. I guess I will be busy this weekend trying to figure out what these devices are!


I also saw a (small) flurry of devices ID’d this past week. One was previously ID’d and deleted, another was a second stove top burner, and #3&4 I’ve not been able to identify yet.


I had 5 detected today all at the same time. 4 heat sources and 1 light. I think the heat is pieces of my dryer, the lights were my master bedroom.


I’ve had quite a few heat sources identified over the past couple weeks as well. My assumption was that they upgraded their heating models. Whatever they did, it’s working for me!


Happened to me two weeks ago.

I had a drought of 2 months with no device detected then 7 devices showed within 5 days. Only 2 were heat sources in my case.


I also just recently (past day or so) got notifications of new devices and found the Currently Learning and Up Next sections under the Settings. I see that I am on firmware version 1.2.1526 and didn’t see a mention of the upgrade to this in the Release Notes forum. Possibly this could have a connection to the changes…


Brad posted there was an update coming. Some devices last night and others tonight. Looks like you already got yours Jeff. Mine is still 1.14…

It is supposed to help device detection.

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