Fridge not being tracked anymore

My fridge that was originally found stopped pushing updates since May 31 (same day as the outage). A few days later I got a notification that a new Fridge was found. How can I find out if the *new fridge is the original one and merge it?

Update: definitely not the same pattern shown in graphs. So I have no idea what Fridge 3 is.

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Hi @bitesize - Sense can find different “signature models” for the same device, and should continuously upgrade them over time. This should happen automatically in the background, though, and I don’t believe you should be issued a completely new device for an upgrade model.

I can check on this for you in the AM, but my recommendation would be to submit a ticket with so we can see if anything peculiar is visible on our end.

Any help would be great @JustinAtSense . I will send an email right now. Can you DM here so I can provide you my info and you can find the details in the email?