Many "devices" on one machine, should I combine?


I have Furnace and Furnace Fan, should I combine them?
I also have a whole bunch for my dryer, and I intend to combine them.

To define “combine”, I mean name them all the same thing.


Word is there’ll be a mechanism within the app to combine parts of a whole, and maybe grouping appliances by room?

You also might want to be patient, sometimes appliances are forgotten in favor of (hopefully) a better model. Sometimes they’re conflated with something else altogether. I left a lot of devices named “… Maybe” for a couple months to be certain.


A hurry up and wait situation.
It does give me a little irritation to have it separate like that. I would intend to sit by the dryer and get notifications to see as it comes up to be sure that it’s the dryer.
But if there is a system to combine parts in the future, maybe waiting to the end of the month would be the best idea.

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