Merge Device with a deleted device

I’ve ended up deleting a few devices for a variety of reasons.

Most recently I deleted my coffee maker, as that detection stopped working after my sensors were moved in the panel. But it was re-detected by Sense in a few days. This was great!

What I’d really love is to be able to merge this newly detected device with the deleted device so that historical data is combined.

I’m also planning to replace several appliances in the future, so I’d like to merge new with old for similar reasons.

If you merge the old device (maybe on L1) and you re-wired or moved the device (now on L2) and it relearned. You can merge the 2 devices and you will see the old and new historical / live data.

From my understanding… once you deleted a device it and the historical data is gone. Might be someone from sense able restore the devices, but I am not sure about that.

After deleting a device, the data is still there for historical purposes. When I look at my history, I have entries for both my old coffee maker and new one. All I’d like to do is combine these data points.