Deleted Device still shown in usage

Hello, is there a way to make my deleted devices no longer show up in the usage graph?

I have my water heater on a dedicated circuit monitor. Sense later detected a water heater. I told sense the found water heater was ‘connected to’ the dedicated circuit water heater. The usage view was fine after completing the connected to step but the historical data was duplicated so the historical usage %s didn’t make sense.

I wanted to get rid of the old data so I ended up deleting the found water heater. The device is no longer in my device list. But, when I look at the usage graph, the found water heater usage is still there (so still duplicating usage reflected in the dedicated circuit monitored water heater) and making the Other category incorrect.

So, can that device info actually be deleted some how vs just removed from my list of devices?

If Sense detects something that you already have on Flex Sensors (DCM), the better thing to do to prevent duplicated power usage is go into the device on the Flex Sensor, go to the Settings (gear in upper right), then to the Manage tab. There you’ll be able to use “What’s connected to this ?” to link your Flex Sensor measurement to the detected device (or devices). That effectively merges/hides the detected device from Sense accounting.

The challenge with deleting a device is that it can keep coming back once Sense figures it out.

Yeah, before deleting it I added the found water heater to the what’s connected to this of the dedicated circuit water heater. Once that was done the historical data of the found water heater didn’t go away to prevent duplication it was added to what the DCM water heater already had. Thus starting my quest to delete the found device and its data. (The data collected for time periods after adding it to the what’s connected to this of the dcm water heater was fine, the incorrect historical data for the ‘combined’ water heater and incorrectly low other category was bugging me)

Yeah, I think there is only limited time window of backfilling when Sense discovers a new device or when you delete.