Microwave vs HAM radio

I’m new to sense, just got it a couple weeks ago. We use our microwave a lot so sense found it rather quick. One thing i did notice though was the microwave and my HAM radio have the same signature it seems, so every time i key up on the radio, sense thinks the microwave is on. I think its funny and interesting. My microwave is a GE and my HAM radio is a ICOM 7100 with a Jetstream professional switched mode PSU power supply.

When you key up, keep it down long enough to go into device, report a problem and use “this device is not on”. After a few times the radio will stop being seen as the microwave.
I didn’t renew my license this year in June

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Yes, but can your Ham Radio pop popcorn?

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Always sad to see an old ham go…disappearing breed for sure


Unfortunately no lol!

Yea, Ham is dying. I’m loving it so far and it’s the low in sun spots rights now. It’ll be amazing during the high cycle.

Ty sir, I’ll have to do that.