Microwave with inverter graphed

New marketing of inverters used in microwave is appearing & I’m wondering if anyone has graphed one; probably needs a smart plug like Kasa to do so.
An inverter should use less power, which has big advantages off grid or during power outage.
This thread graphed the defrost for an old mic. Sharp Drawer Microwave Oven

We have an inverter microwave. It is detected by Sense only at 100% power. But it does genuinely use less power as the power rating is decreased.

I’ll post some graphs shortly.

I did 30s blasts at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% power. Surprisingly 80% looked the same as 100%, so I did it again just to make sure I selected the power level correctly.

This is only brief testing but the power level does not appear to be linear, though it is nearly so between 20% and 60%. Maybe at 80% there is some cutting in and out like a traditional microwave.

Microwave is LG MS4296OSS (Australian model, dunno if available in US)


I have the exact microwave here in the US. I was disappointed when I got home and realized the inside of the microwave was dark grey. However… sense actually locked on the signature of mine.

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