Moen flo - Sense for water?

I tried Flume. Super-easy to install. However, a complete failure. It recorded water flow rates that could probably only be matched at Niagara. Strongly considering Moen flo; first I need to find out what the plumbers round here want for install.

Contact Flume support. When I first installed mine, it was double-counting everything. After I contacted them, they were able to correct the problem, as well as the data that has already been collected.

Thanks - I did contact and work with Flume support. They very responsive and tried to do everything they could including recalibration and reorientation of the device.

We’re talking at least over 40 gallons/minute every minute of the day. Oftentimes more than that.

Hopefully just a local anomaly. With the good Flume support team and easy returns (if needed) I’d still recommend anyone try it.

We installed the Flo in our house in January and are generally happy with it. The device includes a water main shutoff valve that is controlled remotely from the app. This provides important “broken pipe” flood protections. When we are away from the house on vacation I can easily turn off the water from my smartphone.

The device also performs a “home health check” automatically each night. This test closes the main valve and monitors the pressure (in the house system) for several minutes. A drop in pressure indicates a leak in the system.

Flo provided us with a letter we sent to our homeowner’s insurance company to request a discount. The insurance company has not yet responded.

We opted in for the $5 / month “Flo protect” service that provides additional insurance and broken pipe monitoring protections.

Their machine learning “fixtures” feature is still in Beta test and needs work. It attempts to attribute water usage to specific fixtures in the house.

Our positive experience with Flo led to our decision to install the sense monitor. I have requested each company add features to share data between the devices. For example, the whole house humidifier and the ice maker have both a hydraulic signature and an electrical signature than can be cross checked.

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We paid a plumber $200 to install the Flo along with new shutoff valves on both sides of the device.

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For what is worth, Phyn just won the IOT award as the best device in this category:

Best Consumer IoT Solution: Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff. According to the Phyn, the product gives homeowners an unprecedented understanding of their water use, toward the goal of avoiding leaks, conserving water and saving money. It monitors a home’s entire plumbing system from a single location on the water line, measuring changes in water pressure 240 times a second. It alerts homeowners immediately upon detection of a leak, diagnosing potential problems before they wreak havoc. The Phyn Plus Smart Water Assistant + Shutoff develops a “fingerprint” of each plumbing fixture in the home to be able to ID the source of a leak. If a home experiences a sudden large leak, the Phyn Plus can automatically turn off the water. The product has a mobile app that allows remote monitoring of water usage, remote control of water use in up to six properties, and integration with Alexa for voice queries and commands.

A review of the Phyn (and comparison to Flo), which seems accurate in my experience. Note that the Phyn price has gone down to $699

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I bought a Phyn recently. The Phyn folks have sent me a link that gives a $75 discount. It also gives me $25, but I don’t need that, so I can send it to you if you buy one with the code (with Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay – just send me a Personal Mssg with this system) and you would get a total of $100 off.

Overall I am very happy with the Phyn, and it is a good analog to Sense for water, plus the auto-shutoff valve capability in case of leak. Although as with Sense, there are many details that I hope they improve over time.

If anyone is interested, the link is at:

I just had a Flo installed. Had I looked here first I might have gone with the Phyn instead. Anyway, what’s done is done.

Like my Sense, the Flo is in “learning” mode but should be done with that in a couple of weeks…hopefully.

My insurance Co gave me a code for 15% off and I get 10% off my annual insurance premium so it’ll pay for itself in a couple of years.6febd0e69916a66ff7c5739f0bd84b41f2f7fd9a-14

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I just picked up a couple of these Flume devices for my houses. There’s an Amazon Prime Day Deal on them for $40 off today…$159.

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For those with both Flume and Home Assistant, I’ve created a prototype integration using Flume’s API.


I posted in the other thread, but in case you only read this one, Phyn has released a newer and cheaper product. Check out the $299

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