Move storage to external memory (SD card)



Function of my Android (Samsung) app.

I am trying to minimize the internal memory used by the Sense app. Other apps allow this, such as Tivo, Text Editor, Wikipedia and Pandora…

I am able to move their Storage usage to my external storage by following the link Setting -> Applications -> Adobe… -> Storage. It offers me a chance to move my storage to the SD card (CHANGE).

This last option is not available for Sense (app), as well as a bunch of the System apps.

Carol :open_mouth:


We’re actually not doing anything on our end to disallow it. Are you sure you have enough storage space on the SD card?

You might try a fresh SD to see if that works.

I’m curious if others have run into this problem.


The reason why Im moving things to my SD card is the main storage is about 1GB remaining and my SD card has 60GB with about 50GB remaining. I don’t think it has anything to do with the amount of storage on my SD card.

Carol :open_mouth: