Can't find Sense Home Energy Monitor app on Google Play store

I had to reset my phone to factory settings to clear out space. I lost a number of things I was hoping to keep, and among them was the Sense mobile app.
First question: Is there another way to restore my app and the 3+ years of data beside the Play store?
Because (2) when I go search for it, I can’t find it. I type in “sense home energy monitor” and the top result is “Sense Pro” with 1K+ downloads. I want the one with the 50K downloads that I had before. Any idea why it isn’t showing up?
Terri, queen of stupid questions

the usage data is not stored on your phone, it is at the cloud at sense.
So once you install your app at the play store and put in the login/password combo everything should be as it was. No data lost!

Shows the one with 50+k downloads.
Maybe google play still thinks you already have the app installed.
Install it again, maybe through the “install on more devices” button?

Thanks for the direct link. Play store tells me that the app is not compatible with my phone. It was working fine last week. I know it’s an old phone, hence the reset, but geez!
Any other suggestions?

I urge you to open a support case by email
Give as much info about model phone, android version etc.
If you only did a (factory) reset then nothing has really changed and it should work [TM]
They are more experienced to help you with the problem.
I wouldn’t know where to start to diagnose the problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Our latest builds (as of 41.1) will now be supporting Android 9 - Pie as the minimum version. It sounds like this may be your issue. That said, you should be able to download the last version compatible with your phone via the Play store. There was an error in the app listing and we are pushing an update now. You should be able to download the app once the change is live, likely tomorrow. If you’re still having an issue come Monday, please reach out to the Support team.


Thank you! It worked this morning and everything seems to be working fine. The color scheme is wonky, but I can live with that!

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