Moved a device from one phase to another

Sense found, was correctly tracking, a portable dehumidifier in my shed. Several days ago I moved it to my garage, and Sense stopped tracking it. If I’m reading the breakers correctly, the two circuits are on different phases - could that be the reason? Will Sense figure out on its own that the device has moved, or will it have to identify it all over again?

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Give it time. It most assuredly looks different to Sense if it is now on the other phase. But it will likely find it again, one way or another (same device, or new device of similar type).


I recently moved my coffee maker to another circuit and have seen the same thing. Sense will find it again, it may find it as a separate device, like Heat8… yours may be rediscovered as something like AC2…

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What loads are on the other leg(shed) and this one?
You can follow out breakers on shed and garage in panel.
Keep in mind power can be very dirty supplied
Also devices on garage leg can be interfering with detection. Do you know anyone who has Fluke meter to look at you incoming power wave form?
If Power is dirty install device, like KVAR, whole house capacitor 220v single phase both legs.
Sense will eventually find but a device on that leg may be sending noise in house.

Good questions. The shed circuit is dedicated and only has receptacles and lights on it, none of which are ever used. The dehu was the only device on it.

There’s noise on the circuit for sure, because there’s an Apple wifi access point and a Netgear powerline Ethernet adapter that make up the network connection for the Sense unit itself. But there are two refrigerators also on the circuit that were actually the first two devices detected, and two garage door openers that are reliably detected as a single device.

I’ve got a Fluke 115, but I don’t think it measures noise. I do have a friend with a really fancy oscilloscope …

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