Moved Freezer to new location, now not recognized

Finally moved my freezer from the garage to the basement. After plugging back in, the freezer is no longer being picked up on the signal. I assume I give it a few days and see if it realizes it or wait for it to find new and merge? Thoughts?

The move to the basement might have put the freezer on the opposite leg / phase within your house. That would make it look like a new device to Sense. Give it some time to see if it recognizes it as the same device or a new one.


Definitely something I did not think about however the move was needed lol

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I moved our Keurig in the kitchen. It used to be identified and hasn’t been picked back up in the 7 or 8 months after the move. We replaced it with a different coffee maker, so now it’s moot. I did not delete the previous Keurig detection, and I think I read somewhere that detection would be faster if I had deleted it. Can anyone confirm or deny that?

If it’s a new coffee maker with a different signature, I would treat this as a completely different device. Keurig behavior is pretty consistent, whereas other coffee makers might cycle less. I made a similar switch from a Keurig to pour-overs with a hot water kettle and wound up just adding a smart plug to my kettle.

It’s not. It’s the exact same unit moved from one side of the kitchen to the other. :confused:

Ah, then @kevin1 response is probably the most relevant for your device.

Depending on how important the detection is to you, my recommendation would be to delete your old Coffee Maker device and wait for a native detection OR add a smart plug to it.

Update: it found our moved freezer a week or so back. Runs a bit higher wattage than before it seems but all good.