Should I delete I device I don't own anymore?


Hey guys, just wondering, I got my new fridge delivered today and I’m installing it right now but SENSE had already detected my old Fridge, should I delete my old Fridge from the device list? or should I just let it detect the new one without deleting the old one? I just don’t now if I should have a device on my list that will never turn on again…


I replaced my dryer and the replacement was recognized as the existing detection.
But when I replaced my water heater with the identical model, it was not.
I would not delete yet. Plug in the new one and see what happens. Of course, if your using a smart plug then you could do it either way.


Was your new dryer same brand and model as the old one?


No, completely different.
The original was a G E and the replacement a Frigidaire.
Frigidaire is actually made by Electrolux so it wold have made sense if it was another Electrolux product like sears or one of the others they make.


And I’m guessing the wattage consumption changed as well I mean the one reported by sense for that device right?


Yes it did. The G E used more watts than the Frigidaire. It’s the inverter and/or the motor that’s detected and that’s it. It see the drum spin, stop and then spin the opposite direction. It reports on and off many times due to this. The G E used right at 100 watts average and the Frigidaire averages 62.
I’m guessing the On/off signatures were where the similarities are.


Got it, thanks for the advise !!!