Replaced a previously detected device

I have a condensate pump on my furnace/AC. It was one of the first devices detected by Sense but I’ve now replaced it with the exact model. The old one would run for about 23 seconds but the new one only runs for about 8-10 seconds. Sense detects the new pump as the old pump, at least somewhat reliably, when it starts but often misses it shutting off. My timeline regularly shows the pump running for several minutes. Will Sense continue to learn an already detected device or do I need to delete the device so that Sense can re-detect the replacement?


Sense is constantly “learning” found devices but the process of establishing optimal detection (and full tracking disaggregation) will likely be accelerated by deleting old “replaced” devices that have similar signatures. Especially in your case where an on/off is correctly detected but an off/on is being confused, unless you want to keep the old data in detail, deleting the device will probably get you where you want to be faster.

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