Mystery Heat 1 device


Anyone recognize a signature like this one? The periodicity and the shape of the graph seems like it could be telling to someone who has more experience than I do (I’m 1 week past install).

The graph is not always this regular for this device, but the other times it was this regular also lasted for about 1 hour. Maybe that info helps.

Part of my challenge is that the device could belong (seems likely) to my renters, so I try not to invade their privacy for sake of Sense investigation. If I knew better which device it may be, that could help.


I’m only a couple months in but appears to be a heating device trying to maintain temperature to me. Somewhat resembles my rice cooker


I agree with @samwooly1 in thinking it’s something trying to maintain temp. From the timestamp of the graph and wattage I’d guess it’s a heating blanket :slight_smile:


Maybe a crock pot running overnight? Mine looks really similar.


My wife realized this evening that it appears to be the dishwasher heat element. Interestingly, when she said that I checked the app and 28% of the community agree (the highest suggestion for this device).

She says she had to open it mid cycle and noticed the device went off in the app. Then back on when she closed the door again.

That’s consistent with the 1 hour highly-periodic graph above. Here’s a zoomed out image covering a few days. The 1 hour bars are the thicker ones on 4, 6, and 8 March. What’s going on in the others?

Here are some of those zoomed in a bit.

Perhaps Sense is picking up noise in the device detection? I can’t remember if we ran the dishwasher during these periods or not. Now I know to watch that device a bit more carefully.


Do you ha e different run cycles? Mine has things like “power plus”, “normal” “energy saver” and a few others that affect how long it runs


Yes, but I have a hard time understanding why the cycle graph would be so different.


Could be interesting to run it in each mode and see what it looks like. I might try that on my dishwasher over the next couple weeks. I’d guess that “power saving” modes would cycle less rapidly? Or maybe with less power? Not too sure though.