Mystery motor ONLY comes on with stove?

I have a mystery motor that was amongst some of the earliest devices detected in my house. The weird part is that it ONLY comes on when I turn on any of the stove elements. The elements themselves have also been detected and I’m working on grouping them, but that’s separate.

This motor NEVER comes on without the stove being turned on, and it seems to fit the signature of a motor (heavier load at the beginning, and then tapers down to a steady rate. It starts around 120 watts and then slowly drops to around 105-107 before eventually shutting off. It sometimes only runs for a few minutes, sometimes for up to an hour before sense detects it as being off…although I suspect sometimes the off detection may be delayed.

Any ideas?

it is either a range hood or a stove convection fan. 100 watts sound about right

it could also be a cooling fan for the electronics under the heating plates

Range hood was my initial thought but seems like you would know when that’s running? Maybe I’ve just always had loud range fans.

The cooling fan is an interesting idea…

Definitely not the range hood, ours is built into the microwave and there’s no way to miss it.

I had thought about the electronics cooling fan idea but I’d have to think that something drawing 100+ watts would be audible. I can’t hear anything at all.

I’ll listen harder this evening once the house is quiet and see if I can hear anything. Maybe I’ll use my wife’s stethoscope LOL.

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Give us your stove’s make and model number. Many of us would love to find PDFs on specs and schematics to solve a mystery.

Might take a bit, I’d have to pull out the stove to get exact model number info. I’m still trying to narrow down if my Sense is getting reliable turn-off detection on it though. I’m thinking sometimes it’s missing that for two reasons:

1- It only seems to run for a short period of time and typically goes off shortly after I turn off the stove itself.

2- When it does seem to be legitmately running I see a slight up and down variance on the wattage on the Sense display, +/- 2 or 3 watts, as might be expected for a motor.

3- However when I suspect sense is missing the “off” detection, it will sometimes show it running for an hour or so, and what makes me think it’s a missed detection is that the wattage during this time stays exactly rock solid, completely unwavering sitting at (usually) 111w or so.

To add even more confusion, I cooked a huge meal tonight using all 4 elements of the stove at once at some points (and the oven)…and it never shows as having turned on at all…although it may have been lost in the electric clutter.

In the grand scheme of things it’s not a biggie, but I like mysteries. :wink:

Model numbers for stoves are often along the edge just inside the oven door. (assuming it’s not just a stove top)

My oven has a bottom drawer. My model was located on the bottom right when you pulled the drawer out. Though this may not apply to you.

Good thought guys, but no joy on my model - sticker must be on back.

That said, I did some Google-Fu, and this is basically the range in question:

The exact model number may vary slightly (different countries/regions will typically have slight variances) but I can’t figure that the actual build of the range is any different.

Well, just to followup on my own post…oddly enough whatever this was…has now not triggered in nearly 5 days.

And we have used the stove inside that time.

The mystery deepens. :smile:


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