New Hampshire Electric Rates

Article on a proposed rate increase in New Hampshire. Most people reading this probably don’t understand there really isn’t a single rate and they are talking about raising only distribution rate(s) that go into the overall rate. I do a calculation based on total bill divided kwh to come to a rate which is between 19 and 20 cents because I include the flat rate customer charge in the calculation, this is the rate I enter into the Sense app. No one likes to see costs increase but I’ll side with Eversource on this one. They have done a lot of work on this rural power system, vegetation trimming,system upgrades and it shows. We’ve had some huge storms over the past year and I’ve had the generator in the “Ready 5” position- not even a flicker. The only time I’ve been without power is when the did maintenance for 2 hours one day.

Current rates in NH for Residential:

Keene Sentinel Article:

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Thanks for sharing. Weird seeing the Sentinel linked here! I went to KSC and then lived there for a few more years after undergrad.

Eversource Rates in NH are about the highest In the county. Only Hawaii is higher. Other then 2008 we have not had any significant powers outages. Back in ‘08 we lost power for ten days. I figured since we were clearly not using electricity for ten day that my bill would have been reduced by a third. I was wrong. We were billed a full amount based on past performance.