New install: Device detection

Hi, I installed Sense about a week ago. I live in the Chicago area and had 12 solar panels installed a month ago. Working on device id. Mainly I look at Sense on my tablet. How can I get screen shots from my tablet?! How do I get these device usage to show up on my power graph? See attached picture for sample eh Furnace fan 1. Let me know if this should be posted elsewhere.
Thanks Bob IMG_20191202_210445596|375x500

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First, welcome!

I’m not an Android user, but this should help with the screenshots:

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by your question. You’re referring to the consumption of Furnace Fan 1? Those “delta” tags show you the consumption, but they’re not always perfectly accurate. You can also see your device-by-device consumption in the Usage tab and then in Trends. You can sort there by day, week, month, year, and billing cycle (if you’e added your billing info).

You might get some mileage out of these tutorial vid series:

Thanks for your reply Ryan and the videos. I have a lot to learn both in functionality and terminology and will probably watch those videos a number of times. My question is why does the tag “furnace fan 1” show up sometimes on the power meter and other times it does not show up. Can I control what tags show up on the power meter?

The Power Meter will always show the sum of both legs. As of now, there’s no way to only show a specific leg. As for the tag, those can be a bit imperfect sometimes. However, you should reliably see the device label populate in the Now, i.e., Bubble view and in the timeline when you scroll down past the bubbles.