Device name no longer on power meter

When I first got sense and the prices were being discovered on the main power meter timelines it would show those devices coming on and off for example microwave on fridge on etc. I just noticed now that they no longer show up on the power meter timeline I’m curious what happened and how I can get them back

I noticed the same thing yesterday - the “tags” on transitions are no longer named by device. There have been several other positive changes in the “tags” as well -

  • Tags (sometimes multiple) now accompany slower ramp transitions for devices like EV chargers
  • The tags with power information are now much more persistent. They don’t just disappear when you leave the Power Meter in the app to go to Trends or Devices

I think the new tag behavior came from a firmware update in late October that meant to improve the Sense infrastructure. From what I’m seeing, Sense seems to be doing better in detecting EVs as a result, but I haven’t seen anything formal on this yet. More observations here.

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OK so at least I’m not going crazy then I know I remember seeing them

So how can I get them back

Glad you got your 240 V to show up but at what cost everything else dropped off too bad they couldn’t get both of them to work I really would like to see my tags come back on the timeline

Anyone from Sense listening here

They’ve been gone for awhile afaik.

OK then my reply is for Sense to bring them back !!!

Based on the little bit that has been shared on “progressive detection”, I don’t think you can have instant labeling (which the named tags were) and detection of longer ramp devices at the same time. We either get more generalized detection for more devices or nice UI for just the devices that can be detected by looking at 1/2 second of waveform. I’ll choose better detection every time.


So this issue is not related to the most recent firmware release.
We are tracking it though, so if you haven’t submitted a ticket to it would be a big help as we continue to track the issue.

This is unfortunately more complicated then us clicking a button and involves quite a few different teams, turning this into a bandwidth conversation on our end.

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I appreciate that

But with all due respect, you had it (got people used to it) then took it away

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I really miss these tags. The power meter loses much of its function without the tags to help weed out the usage that is associated with a known device and the usage that is still being questioned. Please bring it back!

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I do too. They are STILL there. In the NOW view bottom have you can see “fridge turned on”, Dishwasher turned off" etc

So what is the issue bringing them back to the power meter view

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@randyc , @deputypaulatl,
Given all the new forms of detection (progressive detection, EV-style detection, smartplug detection, Hue detection), this probably warrants a wishlist item, because I suspect we would want to see all of them in the Power Meter, at least as an option ?

If you add the new wishlist item, I’m in to second, third, or whatever …

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NO, its not a wishlist.

This is something that was provided then taken away.

It exists on the other page so why not here?

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To answer your question - Because the Timeline (on the other page) isn’t updated in realtime by the monitor, as the tags were. The Timeline includes many more devices than the device name tagging in the Power Meter. I highlighted a few and the list of non-realtime detected devices is only going to grow in the future if what Sense has indicated about Progressive Detection and smart devices is true.

ps: I don’t work for Sense, but I think the Wishlist is a more productive route than a rando posting here.

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