Loss of Smart Label on Power Meter

I have had Sense with solar for almost a year and recently the labeling on the Power Meter has stopped working. They are not viewable in the App or via the Web.

On top of this, the “Now” section and “Devices” section is not nearly as accurate as it used to be.
Attached is an example of where I turned on and then off the HVAC which shows the spike in the meter but without a label. In the “Now” section, it section it shows that the HVAC was “on for 48 seconds, now off,” but still shows it as green/on. It also continues to shows it as on in the bubble chart and “Devices” section.

Any ideas on this or am I just expecting too much?!
Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.54.38 PM|690x376

Your screenshot is from the Web App. The Web App Power Meter doesn’t show the power tags. Try looking in the iOS or Android App. The tags should be there for the length of time you have the Power Meter open for, but the existing tags will disappear when you either leave the app or switch out of the Power Meter.

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Hi Kevin1,

Thanks for looking, but as I mentioned in the note, it is not showing in the webapp or the app. The screen shot from the app looks the exact same.

Hmmm, still seeing tags on my end in the iOS app. But I do have to wait for them to populate as the Power Meter progresses in time. Can’t see any that happened before I entered the Power Meter - that’s normal behavior.

I can see them on my android app

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