Power meter labels not showing up


Looking at the power meter, sometimes the labels identifying the device associated with the data appears, but more often it does not. This is happening on the web and IOS app.

Any ideas?


I’ve seen the same and have also inquired about it. I have yet to hear any explanation.


I noticed this too. I am also occasionally noting delays in on/off detection of known devices. wonder if there are loading issues on the Sense cloud side?


We call these “wattage deltas.” Their functionality might not mesh up perfectly with your expectations and there’s certainly some work we could do to improve them, but this is how they function now:

Sense marks them for significant wattage changes and will identify a known device along with the delta if possible. However, Sense will only notate them if you’re actively in the mobile Power Meter. So, there’s no historical browsing unless you scroll back to a period where you were actively using the Power Meter. Does that make sense?

Here’s an example from my app. The first picture is a chunk of where I had the power meter open and the second is when I did not, until the tail end. Both show my fridge turning on, but only one notates the delta.


Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense now. It would be very helpful if the labels were available in all of the data.


When you say “open” does that include open in the background? I’ve had the same issue but I have noticed on the history I can go back and view them.