Power meter device tags should remain

The main power meter view you can see known devices tagged when they turn on and off in real time, but the labels disappear after only a few minutes. There should be a way to keep them around longer for reviewing past data on the main timeline. I find myself looking back a ways and am not sure what is causing certain spikes (I don’t stare at my Sense screen all day). Since Sense keeps track of every device’s past usage, the data exists and would be very easy to enable this. After all, the magic of Sense is that it has found these devices and can show you their usage, and the Power Meter view is the most interesting one to use.

Even keeping the device tags in the Power Meter for just 24hrs would be a huge benefit, a few minutes is simply not enough and makes looking back in the past on the power meter nearly useless.


Agree that that would be nice, but AFAIK the Power Meter tags persist for longer than a few minutes as long as you stay in the same Power Meter session, though they may not be appended when the app is in the background. Don’t know what the limit is, but I captured an hour’s worth here.

And I can zoom in and see even more. All there and “recording” as long as I don’t leave the session.

Thanks for that info, most people don’t leave that screen open all day though. I’d like look back in the graph for what was happening at some point earlier in the day, when I most likely didn’t have the app running. If I open the app now and look at the power meter, the entire past is an unlabeled graph which is frankly completely useless.

Then I think to myself “what was happening with that spike there four hours ago?” but there are no labels…