Device tags on power meter

What triggers the fridge label on this view?

If it’s simply because it’s a detected device, why does “Casita” not show on this view? You can see in the first picture that Sense did know the Casita was on.


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Those will only populate while you’re actively looking at the Power Meter. In some cases, a really small delta (a few watts) might not trigger them, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in your latter example.

I’ve been trying to sort those markers/flags out for a while. I don’t know about you, but for me, they only show up in the app (vs. web app) main power meter and only for the time period for which the app session has been open (close the app and they go away - no labels kept in prior history). I don’t generally keep my app up and running for long periods, as I have seen some negative side effects, so I don’t know how persistent those markers are in long sessions. So if you didn’t have the power meter running when the Casita came on, then the markers won’t be there, even though the Casita showed up in the timeline, which maintains persistent history for the devices you have selected.

My personal thought on the markers is that they represent the realtime power events Sense is sending back to the mothership, that the Sense monitor finds “interesting” . The Sense monitor can’t send every 1 microsecond sample of data for every CT and Voltage because of networking limits, so it detects short transitions (1-2 seconds) that meet a certain set of criteria, and sends a bundle of data on each of them back to the mothership. If they have been already been detected via Sense’s main identification mechanism, it also appends the name instead of the characteristic energy spike data.

Here’s the power meter for my house with me flipping two yet-to-be-identified devices on and off. Lotsof other smaller 10W or so transitions are also identified.

Kinda speaks to the long-term possibility for more UI optimization to reduce the (Sense-local) processor load. Would switching off the delta tags and device labeling in the Power Meter reduce load enough to bother? Should we have a toggle for that? What is the real-world correlation between potential data dropouts (Priority #1 to be avoided) vs. UI bells and whistles (lower priority)?

Some kind of quantification along these lines would be great @RyanAtSense.

If my theory on Sense operation is correct (and it’s all just theory), adding the markers really doesn’t put any additional pressure on the Sense monitor. We’re really just seeing an indicator from the monitor’s hardest job, identifying interesting events, and categorizing them by name if they activate a specific output.

What I believe does put pressure on the monitor is displaying real-time outputs (power meter) in general, since that seemingly requires low latency data flow direct from the monitor via the Sense cloud, mixed with simultaneously calling up older historic data from the Sense cloud (no monitor involvement in this). That’s context where I saw stutters and stalls in past, that were likely indicators of data dropouts. The markers are just a teeny part of the display job.

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