New install, when do flex sensors show up ? ran setup already

hello, i installed my setup yesterday, and added the flex sensors as well. I went through the setup on my tablet, dedicated circuit monitoring. I placed one on my water heater 240v, and the other on the furnace 120v. I ran the setup, turned on the devices, and it said all completed. I do not see them listed under devices, or anywhere else. my app shows still building bubble, the web page shows my water heater bubble but with a strange name, and not listed under devices.
My question, is this normal, and it will take some time ?? or should the be listed under devices already ??
thanks much for your time.

A-Ha ! There’s another step you need to perform
To set up DCM. Go to Settings > My Home > Connected Devices and you will see the option to set up DCM.

@kevin1 is right here, let us know if this resolves the issue!

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I already ran the setup for direct connected devices.
in fact I reran it this morning from my phone,
this is the result, when I did it yesterday, it didn’t pick up my thermostat, today I had the breaker off, so that would be why it picks up the 9w load.

I noticed just now, my always on bubble showed up on the web page too, app is still bubble building.

Yeah, Sense will take some time (typically within 48 - 72 hours) to build the bubbles for your home.
If you’ve completed Dedicated circuit monitoring set-up in-app already, I’d recommend reaching out to the support team via so they can take a deeper look.

ok, sent them an email. thanks.
could just be the new setup, with the flex sensors, vs adding the flex sensors to an existing monitor.

I added additional sensors this week. While going through the steps I had to choose what to call each one (one on water heater and the other on my HVAC with heat strip).

Joel, when on the [device] page, do you see two icons that resemble the clamps? One for each of your dedicated circuits…

I do not see any clamps listed or shown. only always on, and other are listed. no other devices are listed on my device page.
email sent yesterday, later got one saying they were sorry they didn’t respond, and would respond today.

say, if I look online, dedicated circuit shows disabled ?? my phone and tablet app show enabled ?? strange, phone screen shots included.

Hmmm. I think most of us have only added the Flex sensors after we were through the main Sense setup, including Bubble Building. Seems like that step might be stoppering up recognition of DCM devices. Hoping support can sort out soon.

Hmm. If you look at my screen shot you’ll see my two auxillary ‘amp clamps’ aka: DCM dedicated circuit monitors, Flex sensors…

My dcm’s are labeled by me as “HVAC Total” and “GE Water Heater” and you can see the icon in the left margin looks similar to the ‘amp clamp’

I’m subscribed to your thread as I am curious as to the reason and the cure to your problem.

Please return and let us know how you eventually get your sense set up as you expect. It is your feedback and repair report that makes these forums a useful archive.

Cheers and Happy New Year!

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Update: I got my clamps!! New problem, I have 2 furnaces and water heaters, lol
Support never replied, they only responded they are sorry they didn’t respond, that was the first day, not a peep yesterday. holidays, being busy, not sure… not critical, but would have been nice to get a reply.
I decided to power cycle the sense last night, and it added the sensors right away.!! I’m thinking if i would have done this right after setting them up, they might have shown right away. the web page settings still shows the clamps disabled, so it seems that doesn’t update, but they are in the devices.

Question, what do I do with the double data, water heater and furnace…
the other question, is if sense found those 2 items, is it still a benefit to use the clamps?? or is it good to have them for the flexibility to choose other circuits, now or down the road??
thanks much for your time,

** interesting, I have clamp data from tuesday, and yesterday, but they didn’t show up in my devices until the reboot**

is it just this easy, under clamps, choose the device, say in this case water heater or furnace ??
thoughts on if i should take the clamps off, move them to something else, or let it roll on as is ??
if i tell it the clamps are on the water heater, then remove the clamps, will it still detect the water heater, from the mains, or will it have to learn it again and loose the data ?? (hope that makes sense)

Glad the power cycle worked for you. I have had that work fo me a few times when the Sense monitor has acted up (which has been less and less frequently over the years).

From the info in your timeline, it looks like Sense has done a Native Detection of both your furnace and hot water heater, in addition to the DCM “detection” measurement. If that’s the case, I would watch both those two detections for the next few days to see if they always correlate with the DCM measurements. If they are 98% correlated (on when the “companion” DCM one is on, and off when the DCM is off), then I would move the DCM sensor onto another wired device that hasn’t been detected. If they aren’t 98% correlated, I would try to understand why, by looking at the Device Power Meters for each of the matching pairs. The tough job then would be to decide on whether you can live with what the native detection is missing (device misses or missing components of the furnace) or picking up extra (device conflation). If the differences are significant then you can keep the DCM sensors on those devices and use the “What’s Being Monitored” option.

One thing I have learned with Sense - patience. It’s probably not helpful to hurry to set up Sense optimally for your house. Give Sense a month or two to get most of the native detections under its belt, and an sort out what it is not finding. Use a traveling HS110 or KP115 to see what most of your plugged appliances, electronics use. Once you get past that period you’ll have a better idea of how to fill in the holes in your monitoring.

ps: I have been assured by Sense that putting a device on DCM doesn’t help with immediate or even medium term detection, even if it seems to be so. Native Detection is on it’s own schedule.

Thanks for your reply, makes perfect sense.
I did join the furnace, to the clamp, but not sure how to separate them.
I completely understand the patience, and came in with that expectation, that its a longer process, and thats ok. Thanks for the dcm detection information, thats helps.

I did wake up today to 5 new heat devices, so that should be fun to identify, its very interesting, I can see times, and power so that helps with what they are, or could be, then to verify, rename,

one thing I noticed, under devices, day week month, i see the green bars for the day, for the week, its missing time on, and X of times on, those are 0. well, my furnace shows a bit of that missing data. Guessing that data takes a bit to compile ??
ahh, probably this ??

I’ve been reading a ton and doing what I can to learn about this, its very interesting for sure.
thanks you all for your time and your help,

Hey @joel.s.c14 - this is actually a separate bug that we’ve been aware of and recently found the cause of. I’d expect that a fix should be released within the next few weeks.

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