New Vote feature


There is a new vote feature. Is the number of votes limited on purpose? I didn’t see this discussed anywhere. Also it popup a link to take me to see all my votes but when I clicked it, the list I see doesn’t appear exclusively a list of my votes.

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Can’t speak to how the number was chosen, but it seems to every user (or userid in the case of folks who have multiple Sense’s) gets 8 votes. That seems like a fair way to prioritize requests.


Just wondering. By the way I only got 4 votes.


I think I got 3


Interesting, I wonder if it’s based on something else tied to member accounts - how long they’ve been a member or something perhaps.

I’ll bring it up with the rest of the staff and we can see about sorting this out. It is a useful feature for voting on things like feature requests, but we do need to make sure it’s setup properly.

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Us “junior moderators” will be investigating with Ryan how the voting rights are set up. It’s based on a Discourse plug-in.

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Voting is currently disabled while we sort out if it’s a good fit for the forum. In the meantime, please continue to use the Like functionality on all Product Wishlist threads.