Curated Wish List


Please consider the creation of a curated wish list. I would organize into general categories, with specific suggestions gathered under each. ‘Likes’ have been suggested as a way to indicated user priority. You could continue to use the existing Product Wishlist category as an initial catch basin for new suggestions. A new category of Curated Wishlist (or Product Wishlist - Curated so it would sort together) could be created that held the curated categories and suggestions. All items in this curated category could be locked so only the moderator could manage. I am assuming (but have not tested) that locked items could still be ‘liked’ in order to tally user priority voting. I believe this would greatly reduce poking-around syndrome to see if someone has already suggested a specific topic…:wink:


Thanks for the suggestion! I do think it would be good to have an easier way to see what has already been requested. And you’re right that locked items can be liked.

In terms of the curated list itself, what were you thinking would be in the curated list vs. the general list? Or was the thought that the curated list would have all the suggestions/requested but categorized for easier browsing?


Some of my manufacturing/SW experience will show through here. :sunglasses:

Every product has a bill of materials. These are built from subassemblies and further down, components. Component descriptions are written in a reverse, hierarchical order. For instance, you don’t say “1/4 Watt, 5% 37K Resistor”, or “1/4 Watt Resistor 37K 5%”, you say “Resistor, 37K, 1/4W, 5%” or something like that. The order of the hierarchy is not too important but is defined and static. That way you always know how/where to find stuff. And the most important attribute of said stuff is the easiest to find. Same concept holds in SW; think objects. Databases? Think data normalization.

In the above example, if you were looking to find all your resistors, it is a very difficult task, especially if the word resistor can be anywhere in the description. With a hierarchy, all your resistors, and even of a particular type, be it ohms, percentage or wattage, are grouped together with a simple sorted list.

So, specific to a curated suggestion list, I would categorize them by function, say “Reporting”, “Device Detection”, “Installation”, etc. If your system allows it, you could add sub categories, for example under Reporting, say “Mobile Device”, “Web” and “Data Feeds”. If a hierarchy is not supported, then you would use threads like “Reporting - Mobile”, Reporting - Web", and the like. As in the resistor example, consistency is key.

Each entry would be a succinct, clear reiteration of the suggestion; the official Sense restatement of what you understand the enhancement to be and/or do. If you read through the current suggestion category, you find may duplicates, but worded slightly differently, and under multiple threads, sometimes not understanding the underlying function of the Sense product. A single description would remove this confusion and make it clear what Sense is considering, and from the perspective/limitations/capabilities of the Sense secret sauce. You could also include any variations or possible extensions and/or Sense’s official position on the suggestion (maybe even timelines :astonished: although that is always difficult, and now you have created yet another thing that has to be maintained).

I would point back to the original suggestion(s) that seeded the curated item for reference. You should consider locking the original suggestions once they are moved to the curated list (if not, you will have to continuously monitor items already moved). Lock and include a final entry pointing them to the curated item. (I saw the request/argument against the 4-day lock, so this may not be the best approach.) I would argue for an eventual lock, but not 4 days :slight_smile:. If someone has a comment/modification on an item in the un-curated suggestion list and it is locked, they should first look at the curated item. Then, if they still have a cogent addition, starting a new thread would be best. This would then be picked up, and incorporated into an existing or new curated item. And the cycle repeats.

Suggested Device Names?

Thanks for the great insight!

I think this would definitely help people find what they’re looking for and help us reduce duplicates! I’ll work on figuring out the organization for this based on the kinds of things people have suggested thus far. Unfortunately, our forum software only allows 1 level of subcategory, and in the interest of not making making too many subcategories, I may limit the number a little. I’ll have to think about the curated/rewrite nature a little more too, but definitely expect some subcategories to appear in the next week or so!


Fine lines everywhere. Broad categories = difficult to find anything specific. Too specific without in-depth product knowledge = difficult to find anything at all without looking everywhere. Punt; think you are on the right track.


Suggest checking out a UserVoice account for Sense. This is common with software products. Anyone can login & suggest something. Each user gets X votes and they can apply them to other suggestions. That way you get a “if you had a dollar how would you spend it” to see what’s most important to customers.

When you guys implement something, people get their votes back to allocate to something else.


That sounds pretty neat @andrewconnell. We’ll check that out!