New web Meter display glitch

There’s a new bug on the web power meter.
The top time range does not change when clicking < to go back.
Forward arrow is missing after clicking back as well.

Graph and range on bottom displays correct.
When switching between views the date on top corrects itself until you click < or >.

@JamesDrewAtSense I submitted ticket #348448 with images.

Hi @obscuredtrip

As you have likely seen already, I have reported this issue and am on it. I’ll also make a note to update here as well when I can confirm this has been resolved.

If users are looking for a workaround or feel stuck, I have provided a short video explaining how to work around it:

Basically, you need to click and “drag” the power meter, and it will update; clicking the arrows alone will not update.

Thanks again for the feedback!


Yep, got your message. Thanks for the quick reply acknowledging it and always being on top of things.

Glancing at the graph & the time (above) I was a bit confused what the heck was going on (electrically) in my house, until I realized it was a (minor) bug.