Website No Longer Displays Daily data

I haven’t been able to see the Meter values for the “Day” setting in quite a while. Finally, I’m fed up. This is the only display I want to see and there’s no way to get it to refresh.

I’m using Firefox and all I get are partials and data that’s obviously wrong (flat lines).

Anyone else having this problem?

I have seen that happen, Where the page shows up mostly blank. but if I click on monthly then back to daily the graph populates.

Try narrowing your browser window. There seems to have been a change to the web app recently that limits the width of the data that can be displayed in the Power Meter View. I can no longer view data when my browser covers my whole 5K screen. I have to cut the browser down to about 60% before the waveforms show.

ps: I think that the change might be related to data caching for scrolling - the actual web page appears to contain 3 days worth of data when I pull HTML SVG path data out of the page. The same exercise used to only produce 1 day worth of data a week or two ago.

Have you written into Support about this? If not, you should. Though, it does sound like it may be related to the bug that @kevin1 mentioned. Let us know if his suggestion fixes it.