News flash does not make sense

I logged today and were greeted with:
Screenshot from 2023-10-01 09-59-12

Interesting since today is Sunday, so “yesterday” would be Saturday and that also is not an “average weekday”

So let’s look at Saturday’s energy usage:

hmm compare that to Friday:

4.6 vs 3.9 kWh used is indeed 118%, but that is not “average weekday”

Used energy last week:
Mon: 61 kWh
Tue: 57.2 kWh
Wed: 62.7 kWh
Thu: 53.7 kWh
Fri: 3.9 kWh
Average workday used last week: 48.4 kWh

So why is this important enough to raise a “news item”
Comparing usage in the weekend with a work day isn’t logical (to me).

Why is 18% difference on such a small amount of energy worth mentioning ?

Friday’s usage was only 8% of average work day usage last week
Saturday’s usage was only 9.5% of average work day usage last week

I am dazzled & confused

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Hi Danny, this may take some more untangling than you expect. If possible, submit a ticket and DM me, letting you know you did so I can dig it up. Also, if possible, get me a screenshot of this “news” card from your mobile app. There should be a date on that one. The web app doesn’t display the date for these news cards.

Yep, date on the “news card” is indeed different date from when I opened my web browser

So it was comparing Wednesday (62.7kWh) with Mon & Tue ((61+57.2)/2)=59.1kWh?
62.7/59.1 = 6% difference

can the “news date” be included on the web display as well (mouse over ?)

numbers don’t end up because it is unknown over what “average weekday” it is comparing to.

Hi Danny,

I have previously brought up both of these issues to the team in charge. While these are not considered bugs but more feature requests, they will be considered in future UI overhauls and updates.

What I want to mention, though, is that the “average weekday” comparison is unknown. It does not compare the last few days, but an overall average is sometimes gathered over different seasons. When I’ve crunched the numbers and percentages, the data seems sound but is not very context-based, so factoring in things like seasons, light during the day, etc., may not provide much clear context.

I would try going way back with your data for “weekdays” and see how it shakes out.

These alerts tend to happen during changing seasons or weather, especially if your house has low wattage.

I’ll push to get these changes made to provide clarity for users.

Thanks again.