Nice Addition by Tesla!

Time-of-Use aware, cost-based charging statistics. Even better, it has my specific EV rate plan built-in - not just PG&E, but PG&E using my local Community Choice Aggregator (PCE). Nice enhancement !

ps: this is for the car that is used to run around town, so not charging very often.


What if you charge during the day using generated solar only?
Will it mark that as PEAK rate?

For me, almost all the hours my solar is producing are off-peak (midnight through 3PM). Only 4PM to 8PM is peak. I do wish I could tell the cars to only charge at home during the off-peak hours and better yet, aim for the hours of lowest carbon intensity.


I have a timer on my openevse that basically allows it to auto-charge between 23:58-23:59 each day. Rest of the day my openevse is off.
I am pulling data from my HAN device and during the day when > 1440 watt is being pumped back into the grid I enable the evse modulated with the amount of power being fed back.
I have some cronjobs to enable nightly charging at my super off peak rate between 22:00-8:00 at full rate.
My NEM2.0 charges me $0.022/kWh for every credit taken from the grid at night. Hence my trying to charge as much during the day with available solar as I can.

In 2 years I am forced to switch to the new ToU as well. I dread that day now already.

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I was just at the Tesla Takeover event in California and I saw a product called EV Energy, they claim to control your Tesla’s charging not just based on the rates, but based on your settings for how much you need charged and by when they also optimize for lowest possible carbon use. I don’t know them, I haven’t tried their product, but you mentioned it was your interest, so I present it:

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Thanks @israndy ! And great addition of your new software as well.